About me

My undergraduate degree in Forestry stayed with me forever, as seen in the picture. On top of that, I have studied languages, arts, international relations and editorial management. Yes,  diversity, curiosity and exploring are my drivers. I have worked in Europe on more than 12 EU-funded projects, mainly in the Science with and for Society programme, with a wide range of roles from project management to communications officer to Conference organiser. In Latin America, I have developed the creation of arts councils; this is the experience I bring with me.

I was born in Chile, and I have an indigenous Mapuche heritage. My second last name (we use two) means "Three Flints". And I do hope I wake up a flame of curiosity about my work!

It is difficult to stay in one place when there is so much to do, ...my work is inspired by giants like Gianni Rodari, Gabriela Mistral, Roxanne Gay, Sir Ken Robinson, Bruno Munari, Frida Kahlo and Paulo Freire.

I do, teach and share arts and crafts, plan, and facilitate workshops, create strategies, write and manage projects.

And I also love to share a cup of tea with a nice chat.

Photo by Reimar Ott, www.reimarott.com