My Plork. My what?

Inspired by Sister Corita Kent, who back in the '60s was already convinced of the importance of awe, playfulness and space were crucial for learning environments. And that we are in a perpetual state of learning. She created the word "plork", which comes from the fusion of Play and Work.

Creative thinking workshops

It is a "rock classic" but in person or online, I bring some surprises that will get the creative juices flowing more easily. Because laughing while working is SO important, right?

Project writing

Might sound less creative but it hasn't to be that way. With creative techniques that will consider "no box" at all, we can bring into words- and into a form!- the most meaningful ideas.

Educational materials

Biodiversity conservation, citizen science, local history, technology, among so many other topics, allow to tell a narrative in the shape of an activity book, where you can discover, draw, rehearse and play.

Pop-up for focusing 

Paper engineering has always been one of my hobbies. With basic techniques, we can play and design, focus and bring an abstract concept into a 3-dimensional piece. And that is only the beginning...!

How will our next collaboration look like ;) ?

Arts and Crafts for communication

You will be surprised by the level of engagement, focus, relaxation and effectiveness you can reach when considering arts and crafts as a medium for communicating your messages. 

Poetry and creative writing for engagement

"The dictionary of the missing words", "The wandering plans",  are some of the workshops that bring new ideas into mind. And we spend such a great time together. Check this workshop (ES) with the writer Fernanda Krahn-Uribe.

Storytelling and Zines for meta learning

It´s not only the crafting of the zine,  but reflecting on the content based on something that you just learnt, what makes this innocent creation such a powerful tool for revisiting and fixing new learnings in your mind and your heart. As an example, download here a super cool Zine!

And check this storytelling course, designed by me.

Animations and websites

I work with great artists and animators from Europe and Latin America, to come up with new perspectives about a, probably, very common topic. And the results are just delicious!
Check these ones! EN and ES.

Do you have a new idea? Or a need? I am all ears! Drop me a line...